June 9, 2017

Olympian Tony Dodds Joins The Coached Coaching Team

For those of you with a sharp eye and who eagerly follow the ITU World Championship Series, you may have noticed the Coached logo on the front of kiwi pro, Tony Dodds race gear.

Currently ranked 20th in the world, Tony represents New Zealand and participated in the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Tony will be actively coaching runners and triathletes through the Coached platform. He will bring his experience as a pro triathlete to support Coached athletes with their training and give them insight into the process of what it takes to perform at the highest level.

Here’s what Tony has to say about joining Coached.

“As a professional athlete, I am passionate about optimising my training to get the most of myself and am fortunate to be surrounded by a team of good people planning my training, addressing my aches and pains and supporting me in pursuit of my goals.

It’s often hard and costly as an age-group athlete to surround yourself with an experienced team like this and that’s why I wanted to begin my coaching career with Coached – because they’re providing high-quality
training programmes, education and the support needed to reach your potential”.

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AuthorBen PulhamBen Pulham is a former professional triathlete and the founder of Coached, a heart rate training programme that helps you optimise, track and enjoy your training.